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Areas of Expertise

While I have My limits, I have many areas of expertise –
These are areas where I truly shine, find wickedly pleasing and I’m exceptionally damn good at.



OTK: **My expert hands** Straps, Hairbrushes, Paddles, Spoons, Carpet beaters, Belts, Shoes and Rulers that would make a nun blush.

Flogging: Floggers – from butter-soft to cutting skin – Horsehair, Leather, and three kinds of Rubber. Most of My floggers are custom made for Me and can be found nowhere else on Earth!

Whips: Quirt Whip, Bull Whip, Single Tail, Single Whip, Cat o’ nine, Slapper whip, Dragons Tongues, etc.,

Canes: Bamboo, Rattan, Acrylic, Fiberglass, Nylon, Leather, Rubber, Birch, Hello Kitty. Many of these canes were made by My own loving hands, other custom made especially for Me

Paddles/Straps: Rubber tire tread, Rubber slapper, Leather, Quirt, Doggie bat, Wooden Fraternity Paddles, Acrylic, African Ebony, Spoon-shaped, Palm-held …etc.

Bondage: Leather Cuffs, Straight Jackets, Leather straps, Leather Hanging Strap Cage, Shackles, Bondage Tape, Saran wrap



Medical +

    • Scalpels, Surgical Staples, Needle Exploration, Cupping
    • Electro Therapy, TENS, Violet Wand,
    • Urethral Sounds, Abrasion Stimuli, Medical Interrogation
    • Saline Infusions, Psychological Analysis


    • Degradation: Facial Violation, Water Torture, Verbal Humiliation
    • CBT: Weights, Metal Clamps, Chastity, Needles, Electros, Ball-busting
    • Role play: Sadistic Nurse, Strict Governess, Feline Fatale, etc.
    • Sissyfication: My little doll…
    • Chastity: Denied for My pleasure.

Location: Ivy Manor Studios – Located in Downtown Los Angeles

I expect you to have read all of the information on this site carefully. you should have a good idea of who I am, what I do, My interdisciplinary skill set and a general idea of O/our potential compatibility.


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